Church Recording

For over thirty-five years groups of volunteers from The Arts Society (formerly NADFAS) have been recording their local churches by describing and researching their contents. Over 1800 records have been completed by Arts Society volunteers nationally.

A Church Record ensures that the identities of skilful and imaginative craftsmen are preserved for future generations and is significant not only to church members and scholars, but to the wider community.

Our Church Recording group started work in September 2009. To date we have completed records for St Peter, Gayhurst, St Mary, Haversham and St Leonard, Little Linford.  The group started recording at a fourth church, St Michael, Lavendon, in June 2015.

New members are welcome. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the Group Leader, Judith Jeffcoate.

Church Recorders
Our first day at St Peter, Gayhurst: 28 September 2009  
St Peter Gayhurst Gayhurst presentation
St Peter, Gayhurst  Presenting the record at Gayhurst:  15 July 2012
St Mary Haversham Haversham presentation  
St Mary, Haversham  Presenting the record at Haversham:   26 April 2015
Little Linford church Little Linford presentation
St Leonard, Little Linford  Presenting the record at Little Linford:   23 October 2016
Lavendon church
St Michael, Lavendon